December 6, 2009

This year is coming to and end and fast, but that doesn’t mean that where our project will end it will continue to next year. We are finishing up on a seating device. Its upholstered and painted mostly just needs a little more time and it shall be complete!


Toilet Team Travels to Chicago!

November 26, 2009

Skyler, Rachel, and myself (Amanda) had the opportunity to travel to Chicago last weekend with the Art History class at Finlandia Universty.  It was an amazing trip full of lots of great inspiration and visual overload thanks to stops at The Chicago Institute of Art, the Kohler Design Center, and The Milwakee Art Institute.  We all had a blast, but the best moment was reaching the back wall at the Kohler Design Center.  The wall is covered from floor to ceiling with toilets!!!  Pictured below the lovely Rachel is showing them off!

Rachel and the Kohler wall o' toilets


The range of toilets included square toilets and a variety of colors such as red, grey, purple, and pink!

Upon return from the trip we have put the first coat of paint on the toilet that will become a seat.  The color that was chosen is…. drum roll please!… Deep Cherry Red!  We also started to join the quilted squares to make the slip covers for the bottom and back of the seat.  It is really comfy so far!  The toilet seat is covered in foam reclaimed from an old broken chair.  Yay reuse!

We hope to finish the upholstery this weekend!

November 13, 2009

Hello is this thing on? Toilet project has a presentation soon we hope to get community feedback on this project before then, so comment, tell a joke that involves toilets or recycling.


What We’re Up to Now

November 6, 2009

Currently searching for more ways to inform people about what we are doing. If anyone knows of any blogs or any other forms of spreading information the suggestions would be very much appreciated!


Attention Tactile People!

November 6, 2009

We are currently working on upholstering one of the toilets so that it may be transformed into a seating device a.k.a a chair. Amanda and I are cutting out recycled swatch samples of awesomely tactile upholstery fabric, graciously donated by local Gartner’s and Kirkish furniture stores, into different size squares and rectangles so that they may be sewn into a quilt-like pattern that will create a unique slip cover for the toilet seat. It was made to sit on already, why not make it a seat you want to sit on instead of a seat you have to sit on!


After struggling with math and measurements, Amanda and I gave in—mostly me—and resorted to stencils (that we made ourselves out of cardboard) which sped up the process radically. Now all that is left is to cut out the rest of the fabric samples, sew them together and finish the slip cover for the seat of our well-on-it’s-way-to-becoming-a-chair toilet. We will post images when it is complete!


If you have any suggestions, comments, or crazy ideas please leave a comment!



Take a Seat!

November 6, 2009

The toilet project is officially entering the chair phase of the project! We are trying to improve the ergonomics of the toilet seat itself and make the toilets more visually pleasing… to remove the “ick” factor. Please post comments on this blog or on our Facebook page with any chair ideas or suggestions… we want to hear what you think! Also please post any reuse ideas that you may have implemented in your own homes!


Here is one potential seating idea to get your juices flowing… beach chairs!

Permission to Dock

November 6, 2009

Started second unit to the docking system. Just trying to find the best solution on how to attach them together to make them a docking system. If you have any input please, please leave comment and feedback on here or our facebook page. Thank you have a nice day.

Newspaper Article

November 6, 2009

The toilet project was featured on the Daily Mining Gazette’s, the local news paper, front page yesterday. Please check out a copy of the article online at the link below!

Dock Potential

November 6, 2009

The second prototype was a success and plans have been made, with a few modifications, to implement it as a removable dock for a local nature center. If successful… there may be many uses for this solution! Pictures will be added soon, once the prototype is finished, and it stops raining. Yesterday the first half was finished. A second unit will be constructed to test possible joining mechanisms, and then the first decent weather day will lead to water testing! We will keep you all posted.

Join Us on our Cruise on the Toilet Express

November 6, 2009

Not only do the toilets float, but the prototypes have been a big success! All sorts of different people have been getting involved to join us! First we did a preliminary test to see if the toilets would float.


So After a little fun, some hilarious photos and the success of the flotation, we got to work on our first prototype, which includes four toilets and a re-used pallet…


As you can see this works out very well. Unfortunately it was not as buoyant as had hoped for. Unequally distribution of weight was able to tip this prototype. And so the next prototype came…


Here is some of the 100 Toilets Project Family getting along on our latest prototype. Here you can see the toilets are back to their upright positions and anchored to a pallet from the seating area. Now all we need is the rest of those toilets and a couple more pallets for our cruz ship.